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The online store, which has earned a reputation for beating the competition on price, sends a clear message to big brand names: “Try to beat us on price”.

One of the big names in the online store world, selling quality products and accessories, challenges big brands to beat them on price. The Lucky Richesse Store (, which has already challenged Amazon to beat or match its prices, is so confident it can’t be beat that it wants all online stores to try.

The popular online store that aims to save consumers money by selling quality products and accessories at the lowest price believes that all online stores should reduce their profit margins. Lucky Richesse Store, which has a minimal profit margin, has also made sure that it doesn’t pass its overheads on to its customers. By lowering the profit margin and removing overhead from the pricing, this means the popular online store can continue to price-beat the competition.

A spokesman for Lucky Richesse Store explained how they are beating the competition. “We have fewer overheads than the competition, and because we have fewer overheads, we don’t have to pass them on to the customer. Not having a large marketing budget also means we can run our store for a lot less than big name brands. This is great news for our customers as they get the same great quality products for a lot less.”

All products and accessories in Lucky Richesse Store have full warranty and fast free shipping service.

An example of how low their prices are is the Integrated Handheld Mobile Game Controller ( It turns mobile devices into the ultimate gaming device. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a slot machine, people can play the latest games on this popular device. It is available for only $59.99 which is a lot

There are many other great examples of how the popular store is helping people save money. To see the full range of products and accessories, please visit

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Lucky Richesse Store sells quality products at low prices. All products have a full guarantee.

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