7 tips to find the best gaming mouse

If you’re a hardcore FPS gamer, you know how important your gadgets are to playing like a pro. With the development of the Internet, online gaming has become more than an entertainment activity. gamers need more qualified Devices for online games, and mouse is the most important equipment for FPS gamers. There are thousands of different gaming mice on the market, and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best one for your style. But no worry; We’ve rounded up the basics for finding the best gaming mouse any kind of playing.

There are things to decide and mice to compare to choose the best one. Finding the best mouse for your hand is a complete journey because you will most likely use this mouse for at least 2-3 years. Choosing the best will save you money and bring convenience to your game. Here are 7 tips for choosing the best gaming mouse.

1. Decide on your budget

gaming mouse

Find the best gaming mouse

If you are not sure about your budget, the process will take longer. You should plan your budget before you start looking. As you examine the mice in your budget, you will come up with many potential choices. The more expensive mice are usually the best most of the time; You should therefore take your budget into account. This rule might be the best choice for your desk.

2. Know your style

Even if you don’t realize it, you have a special style of holding the mouse. Typically, gamers prefer three different holding styles. These styles are called Palm, Fingertip and Claw. Gadget makers design their mice following these styles. Fortunately, this is the easiest to find ergonomic design with your hand Let’s find out which is your style:

Mouse hold style

What’s your style? – Image: Democeil

You can see the styles and differences between them. your style might not exactly one of the hold styles shown in the picture, but once you start playing the game you always play, you’ll find that one of these styles matches yours. As you can see, the mouse styles are not the same between the images. They are all designed for their kind and you should get one of them that is compatible with you. The holding style is mainly written in the specifications of the mouse. Even if you can’t learn the style of the mouse, you can decide which one is best with your grip.

The prices are mostly the same in different styles. It’s nothing to worry about, but you should always know what kind of mouse you’re buying. And the other piece of information to keep in mind is that you should know that the way you hold the mouse is not guaranteed to make you feel comfortable. For example, if you’re planning on getting a Razer DeathAdder Elite, you can try them all in one retail store First. This is a common thing that conscious buyers do.

3. Know the difference between wired and wireless devices

Wireless gaming mouse

Find the best gaming mouse – Image: Optimum Tech

As you used to think, the difference between them is not so simple. Wired mice offer low lag at a great price. But it’s harder to make a wireless mouse with low lag, which is the breakpoint. Luckily, the gadget makers started selling it wireless with low delay Mice, but they cost a lot more than wired ones. It might cost more than you thought you needed a wireless mouse. It is a fact that wireless mice are much easier to carry around, but wired and wireless mice are not the same when sold at the same price.

You probably don’t need wireless mice if you have a desktop computer and use the same desk all the time. It would be better to choose a wired mouse.

4. Here are the must-haves for the best game mouse

Of course, the must-have specs aren’t the same for everyone. But when buying a gaming mouse in 2022, there are a few things to consider. Especially if you afford a gaming mouse for online FPS games, you should always pay attention to a few technical details. Firstly, 1000Hz support is essential for online gaming. Most online games require a polling rate of at least 500 Hz, but manufacturers produce their mice at a rate of at least 1000 Hz. If we assume that you want a mouse that you can use for years, 1000 Hz is for games of fundamental. But don’t worry because the 1000Hz rate is something you can find even in a low budget gaming mouse.

Mouse Polling Rate

Polling Rate – Image: Lifewire

The other thing is you should get a mouse that will work with it least possible delay. If you get a wired one, a 1ms delay may be required. 2ms or 3ms is also acceptable, but it depends on your expectations. Wireless gaming mice can experience a delay of 5ms or less depending on the quality of the wireless sensor. Finding a low lag wireless mouse will cost you a lot more than a wired one.

5. Add a mouse pad to the shopping cart

Find the best gaming mouse

gaming mouse pad

Most mouse boxes do not include a mousepad. But it ensures that the mouse pad is a must-have for everyone, especially gamers. You don’t have to buy an expensive one; It is enough to make sure that the size and material are suitable. Some people buy expensive mice and forget the mouse pad, because of course the mice they get can’t give you a good experience. Always have a mouse pad to enjoy the benefits of your mouse.

Professionals have many options; You can get a quality material mouse pad when every detail matters to you. There are also RGB supported options; You can bring a new look to your desk with them.

6. Avoid too many macro buttons

macro buttons

Corsair mouse with lots of macro keys

Many macro buttons may impress you at first sight; it is a fact that they have a more professional look. But these are mice difficult to use, and you don’t need them if you’re not a hardcore MOBA player. Even the MOBA pros aren’t set up in this way because they are difficult to use. A basic mouse is the best choice for most gamers; Two or four macro keys are the most convenient choice.

More keys might mean more speed, but you can also get a keyboard with macro keys. The mouse is not a device that we expect to be used like a keyboard; Convenience could be compromised by too many macro keys. There are many keyboards with macro keys; You should consider buying one of these instead of getting them on your mouse.

7. Read the return policy before placing your order

You may think you’ve found an excellent gaming mouse, but there’s always a chance of being disappointed. You can search for a specific store where the opened packages can be returned. Especially on on-line Purchases, Returning the terrible choice is like getting a second heart for Super Mario Bros. You can ask the seller before you buy, but remember that it’s not ethical to buy every mouse you see and return it. It’s best to take the opportunity to try it in a store before you buy it.

Find the best gaming mouse of 2022

Find the best gaming mouse

We hope you find the gaming buddy you’re looking for. Don’t forget that you can always replace your mouse when you get tired of it. The tips we have listed are advice to find the best for you. There are thousands of different types of mice on the market and it is sure to have many matches for you. That comment section is your scene if you have other tips to share with nerds.

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