Bike Night 2022 week 11

Tell you what, it’s hard to believe we only have 3 Bike Nights left! For those of you who missed it last night, YOUR next possible motorcycle – a 2022 CF MOTO Motorcyle from Dvorak Motorsports & RV Center – was on display in all its glory, politely awaiting a lucky winner to follow along on August 31st takes home! You still have time to be with us for the next 3 weeks to get your punch cards punched (more times the merrier for the draw) – Last night the crowd was once again touched by the Freedom Riders – delivering a bike to a 5 year old Ava Smith, whose smile shone brighter than the sun. That’s just part of the charm of Bike Night 2022 – a chilled vibe, fun people everywhere, and great bikes everywhere!

I STILL see something new at every Bike Night!

The impressive back rows are starting to fill up in the Sickies car park

Our stalwart leader, Lisa Arth, makes sure you punch your punch card AND stops people from shooting rubber bands at Bromo (Yeah, right)

Crowd prepares for Freedom Riders to give away another bike to a boy or girl

Look who stopped by……. (Dvorak Motorsports & RV Center’s beautiful CF MOTO bike – One LUCKY listener will be taking this baby home on August 31st!)

….SHE brought her friend (A pretty 2022 CF MOTO 300 NAKED – Big thanks to Austin and James from Dvorak for riding these amazing bikes to Sickies)

EVERY bike is welcome, from The 4 Horseman……

….. To the individual stallions (The BIKE, not the guy sitting on it – A 1980 Honda Express – Thanks Brendan for bringing it over)

For the 11th Wednesday in a row, the Freedom Riders blew the crowds AGAIN with their generosity by delivering a brand new bike to 5-year-old Ava Smith

As you can see it’s pretty obvious from Sickies Amanda and Erin……

…Smiles are contagious for 6-year-old Rickard over burgers and beers from the SICKIES GARAGE

As always, a HUGE thank you to all our sponsors:

Dvorak Motorsports & RV Center
Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation
Indian motorcycle by Bismarck-Mandan
Bismarck Dent
butcher block meat
Wine Cellar Winery
ABATE of North Dakota
freedom rider
Haider glass specialties
Roughrider Harley Davidson
XP3 Gasoline & Fuel Additive – Jim Bauer XP3.Com
Gene Seydel Century 21 Morrison Realty Agent
Smokin’ Steel grills
Perk N Beans
Pam Emilil 5 Second Rule Bracelet
jack daniels
Dennis Kirk
Wee Folk Daycare

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