Baggage thief caught by Apple AirTag

Florida state officials say an airline subcontractor stole about $16,000 worth of items from the pockets of two completely different passengers. The sheriff’s office was able to locate the misplaced luggage using Apple’s AirTag trackers to triangulate the thief’s home.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Florida resident Giovanni De Luca is accused of stealing $15,000 worth of jewelry and other items from a passenger’s luggage on Aug. 9. By a passenger in July.


The sheriff’s workplace used Apple’s AirTag expertise to track misplaced luggage. Law enforcement worked with the passengers to trace the luggage back to the Mary Esther, Florida location. Investigators then referenced the De Luca deal on AirTag’s website. Sheriff Eric Aden commended the teamwork that made the operation a success:

“This arrest is an excellent example of the team work of our airport security, our investigators and the airport to locate those responsible for these thefts and ensure they are held accountable.”

The AirTags themselves are gentle and small, weighing just 11 grams, measuring 1.26 inches in diameter and just 8mm thick. Image: apple

A second AirTag to the rescue.

An investigation was launched after the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Airport Security Department became aware of suspicious drills at Destin-Fort Walton Seaside Airport. Last month, a Florida airport passenger reported that his luggage never made it to his vacation destination. The suitcase containing more than $1600 worth of items was listed as misplaced/stolen. The owner was able to monitor the situation of an Apple AirTag that he had placed in his suitcase when it finally appeared lively at the checkout area at Kathy Court in Mary Esther. The small town in the Florida Panhandle is 10 miles west of the airport.

The case was re-examined this month after the sheriff’s department conducted the same search for the same deal. A second traveler reported on Aug. 9 that more than $15,000 worth of jewelry and other items were stolen from his luggage. OCSO investigators visited the deal involving the location in question where they arrested 19-year-old Giovanni De Luca this week. The airline contractor has admitted the theft and is currently dealing with two main thefts.

Officers were able to locate the items reported missing on Aug. 9. The main thing has yet to be discovered, and the sheriff’s office said De Luca admitted rummaging through the main sufferer’s luggage and erasing an Apple AirTag. The theft follows the theft of another Florida man who was caught stealing luggage from Spirit Airways passengers.

Units like the Apple AirTag and competitors can help detect delayed or misdelivered baggage. Image: Getty Pictures

The Rise of Baggage Control.

The use of Bluetooth monitoring devices like the Tile and AirTag has increased significantly recently. Easy Flying was previously lined with Apple AirTag for baggage tracking. The device uses encrypted Bluetooth information to send its location to the owner’s Discover My app on various devices. The goods are notable for not requiring any knowledge to work provided there is another Apple device nearby. The huge community of Apple devices could make it easy to search for properties in crowded areas or in a specific location by the owner.

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