Cooling Bases for Your Laptop: Say goodbye to overheating

Heat problems in your laptop

If you are here, ask yourself why you are Laptop gets too hotYou should know that this is not an isolated case. It is very common in all types of laptops. In fact, and contrary to what we might think, the higher the range, the hotter it gets. It may seem like a mystery, but it has a very simple explanation.

And it is that the better and more powerful they are components, the more power they have, and that means an exponential increase in the amount of heat they give off. Something like more power, more heat. Although their ventilation systems have also been improved, they are by no means insufficient and become a real grill.

We could say that this is the main cause, but we also find other possible problems that could cause a real heating problem:

  • A inefficient ventilation system. Most laptops are equipped with a ventilation system. Each brand patents their own, although lately we’ve seen a standard in this regard: dual fans that dissipate all heat through grilles on the back where laptops used to carry the battery. Others are small and inefficient and can cause problems, for example in side vents.
  • That Dust. Yes, by the sound of it, dust is a serious problem for your computer. Remember that it acts as a plug and prevents the laptop’s ventilation or cooling system from effectively expelling all of the air. The solution in this case is simple: open the back cover and use a small vacuum cleaner or brush to remove all the dust that has accumulated in this part.
  • resources on your computer. Maybe there is a process on your computer that is using too many resources. It could be a Windows error or a program you have open in the background, such as B. An antivirus program that causes a serious problem. CTRL + Alt + Del to access the resource monitor and see what’s going wrong is one solution.

How to buy a good refrigerator base

If you’ve already made the firm decision that you need a cooling base for whatever reason, you need to be aware of a number of preliminary questions that have a lot to do with the choice. We will tell you little by little.

To play or not to play? draft the base is one of the most important details. While some have extravagant designs, with all sorts of lights and decorations to suit most players, others have a much more sober style. The point is that it all depends on the style you want. If you’re looking for something a lot more gaming you’ll find plenty of models, and if you want something more linear and simple the models are less powerful but just as functional.

Beyond the design what has to do with its operation that fans, the main thing to see. You have to rate the number of fans it has, the important thing being that it has at least two. Their size is also something to watch out for: if they’re too small, they don’t give off much heat, which is counterproductive.

In addition, it is also important to know whether the base you want to buy has one or not turbo modes. If you have them, it will be a success. Commonly, these bases have knobs for level up or down and three levels of fan rotations.

Along with modes and fans who noise is important. Because if they emit too much, they can become a real problem for your ears and head. Imagine a fan that is too big or too powerful, which, while dissipating very well, makes a lot of noise. It’s going to be very uncomfortable! They also emit vibrations. For this reason we recommend that you check the opinions of each of them to find out if they are too loud or if they vibrate a lot.

That laptop size must also do. While some docks support small laptops, others have no limit. The description of each product usually states the screen inch size that each laptop supports, so it’s a detail to pay special attention to.

The shape of the connection is one of the last things to look out for. We only and exclusively recommend models that are connected to the USB power your laptop. They are simple, simple… A plug and play Manual.

Well, yes, the last thing you should look at is these price range. We can find them in different price ranges depending on style, performance and fans. The optimal will be that you choose something that navigates between 15 and 40 euros. This is the usual budget for the bases, from the cheapest to the most expensive. We provide you with a large selection of them!

Gaming Cooler Bases

For most players we bring a selection of the best gaming models. They have that distinctive touch with LED lights. Remember that you can also use them for your traditional laptop (not for gaming). Next, we’re going to see some of the best models we’ve come across.


The first of our selection is one of the the most popular bases, both for its price and for its guarantee of use. At first glance it looks like a simple base, but it doesn’t lack its five fans and those LED lights under the grilles to illuminate the table during the most intense gaming nights.

Mars gaming cooler base

It’s a base that supports laptops up to 17.3 inches, with an exclusive airflow technology with 5 fans. They distinguish themselves by being silent. The grille cover is made of aluminum to keep the notebook cool at all times.

The base itself is made of high quality ABS plastic and steel. The color of the LED cannot be adjusted: it remains static red. It works via USB 2.0 and its price is around 19 euros on Amazon.

KLIM wind

KLIM is another of the big brands in this type of gaming accessories. You can choose it in the color you want on Amazon. It is a sufficiently large model, it covers laptops between 11 and 19 inches. It is characterized by a good base that remains immovable at all times.


It has 4 fans with a capacity of 1200 rpm. For its price, it’s one of the best performing on the market. For this purpose, it is equipped with 4 fans that cover the base of the laptop well.

Plus it has that nifty design, they even come with a guarantee of up to five years! It has two additional USB ports for charging your mobile phone or other devices. The price for this is only 27 euros.

Topmate C5

One of the best sellers in the Amazon catalog is this one Topmate C5. Ideal for laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches. It’s versatile and extremely useful. It features a small LCD screen where you can vary the fan turbo levels up to 3 different levels and even turn it off without unplugging the cable.

Topmate C5

It has five well-distributed fans (4 small and 1 large central). It even supports different positions while working or playing at the same time. It has a unique design, it can be adjusted to 5 heights, with a hinged flap… It lacks nothing!

In addition, it does not have a very high price either: only 32 euros!

KLIM glacier

We return to the KLIM brand because it is one of the best known in the world game world, with this glacier. We’ve already talked about a real top of the range in its field: it has no more and no less than 6 fans!

KLIM glacier

It is very noticeable to the naked eye with lighting RGB LEDs (very few have color deviations). To do this, it is connected to the USB of your computer and can provide up to 2100 rpm to the fans, guaranteeing a stream of the most powerful performance with its 6 fans.

It has the most compact ABS structure, with robust metal grill and different positions. It is able to support laptops between 11 and 17 inches. The price on Amazon is about 45 euros.

Conventional radiator floors

If you don’t want too many lights or gadgets, then opt for some of these simplest and most functional models for general use:

Acemall: simple refrigerator bases

Regarding the choice of models for conventional computers, this one from Acemall is one of the bestsellers. Simple but effective. It also serves as a computer support. It is made in aluminum alloyso the most robust.

Acemall fridge pedestal

As for cooling, it has two fully adjustable 2700 rpm fans. We can clarify that it is one of the most complete and powerful. You can vary the working position angle at different levels according to your needs.

It is lightweight and easy to store anywhere. It will also be one of the cheapest. only 30 euros at Amazon!

KLIM bamboo

Would you like to add a distinctive touch to your base or computer? Spring Nothing beats this bamboo base. Yes, you read it right! It is a model that imitates a wooden base, but with two fans embedded in the middle.

KLIM bamboo

It is a large and silent model, e.g Sizes from 11 to 19 inches. It does not exceed 26 dB of noise and its two fans can reach up to 1300 rpm. The speed is fully adjustable. It also equips two USB ports to charge what you need.

The price for this product on Amazon is just under 30 euros.

Targus chill mat

We continue with one of the simplest and most efficient: this one Targus. As you know, it’s one of the oldest brands when it comes to technology, especially when it comes to accessories. It is a comfortable surface with a fan to ensure proper heat dissipation by dual fans. The price of this chill mat is only 32 euros.

Targus chill mat

Deepcool Multi Core X8: Best cooler base

Finally we have the level with this very strong base that It has 4 fans and 4 different directions. To do this, the base is divided into a panel of four parts, including 4 built-in fans.

Deepcool Multi-Core X8

It is made in Aluminum to offer a cool and comfortable feeling. The fans blow in 4 different directions and use the dissipation zone. It has different levels of regulation according to your needs. It also has that little detail of having non-slip rubbers to keep the laptop in place.

This Multi Core X8 is worth less than 40 euros in PC components.

Our recommendation: the best radiator floors

The cooling bases are a great option to dissipate all the heat your laptop can’t handle. Although when you look at the models, which one do you prefer? We make it easy for you and help you choose.

Our sincerest recommendation goes to the Klim Glacier. Because of its design, it can apply to both gaming and traditional laptops. He’s also the one with the most power and the most fans: six! A real top product in itself.

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